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Gin Rummy Multiplayer


Get ready for a card game that makes all other forms of entertainment look like deadwood: Gin Rummy Multiplayer!Gin Rummy is a hugely popular card game, where the aim is to form sets and runs of cards before your opponent. It's simple and quick to play, and if you are new to the game then Gin Rummy Multiplayer provides everything you need to learn it! Get free Gin Rummy, the matching card game for free.
Get World's First Multiplayer GIN on your Android Phone NOW!
Featuring:1. Play with real players anywhere in the world2. Auto sort cards3. Choice of backgrounds4. Add other players as friends5. Chat with other players at the game tables6. Join to your friends’ tables with one click and start to play with them7. Join VIP Room and create your own game tables by deciding bet amounts and ending points8. Gin Rummy Rules & Help9. Designed for both Tablet and Phone10. Hours of Entertainment!11. Smooth gameplay.
Gin Rummy is a terrific game that you're sure to enjoy. Score Big with Gin Bonus, Big Gin and Undercut!
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